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Compliant Refrigerator Installation above 100 Litre – Wall Flue Kit – Side Wall Ventilation

Compliant ventilation will have a lower vent at floor level and an upper vent completely above the condenser fins.

In this configuration thermal dynamics will draw cool air through the lower vent .

The cooling air will pass over the refrigerator unit and importantly the condenser fins and exit via the top vent. For a gas refrigerator to work correctly and efficiently the air must come in at the bottom and exit above the condenser fins.

Always check the installation manual and do not deviate from it.

AS/NZS5601.2020.6.12 Summary

  • Flue must be to the outside and cannot be through a roof.
  • If the lower vent is not at floor level, a 500mm² vent (hole) must be provided at the lowest level for any unburned gas to escape.
  • Refrigerator sides, top, bottom must be sealed to prevent combustion products entering a habitable area.
  • Ventilation must be provided for the correct operation of the refrigerator.
  • The bottom of the top vent must be above the condenser fins.
  • Free air ventilation cannot be less than table 6.12.4.
  • Up to 100 litre capacity – 32,500mm²
  • 101 to 200 litre capacity – 45,000mm²
  • Above 200 Litre – 65,000mm²